The art of Sugar craft

Every cake should be special for any occasion and what better way to make your cakes stand out and wow your guests by adding some handmade sugar decorations and they don’t have to be elaborate and over the top to impress, some simple but beautiful roses or flowers will always bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I have spent many years perfecting my skills of sugar crafting and can create almost anything out of gum paste or fondant from a simple picture but my favourite is still the classic rose. The versatility of making these beauties from gum paste are endless from colouring to shape and size.

When I first started learning to make flowers every petal and leaf was cut out free hand, rolled using the fondant tools, and then shaped. Now days there are so many new tools to make it easier and faster such as plunge cutters to give you an instant petal or even whole flower moulds which you simply turn the flower out and it’s done.

Of course once you get the hang of making flowers and leaves you can then start making posy’s and flower sprays and then move on to modelling figurines and other shapes and before you know it you will be creating master pieces for all your events and special cakes.

Personally I prefer to make flowers the old fashioned way and I can turn out a rose just as fast as using a mould however for those home baking enthusiasts the moulds are a great way for you to get the WOW factor fast.

If you would like to learn how to create some simple gum paste flowers then please contact me to come along to my Sugar craft lessons and you will be impressing your friends and family in no time



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