Healthy fast food

With how busy we all are these days from running businesses or working full time, doing school pick ups and drop offs, outside school activities, then our weekends are filled with housework, yard work, and trying to spend quality family time together that most of us fall into the trap of takeaways or fast foods a couple of times a week.

This not only costs more money but it’s really unhealthy for us and our children so why not make your family a little healthier by creating delicious, cost effective and nutritious FAST meals.

Meal Prep

I can’t stress this enough but meal prep is key to getting good healthy meals into your family without taking forever to make. If you can find 10 minutes in your week whether its while your in the shower or sitting in work traffic use this time and plan your weeks meals – this makes your grocery shopping faster, you aren’t tempted to buy spur of the moment specials and saves you money if you plan left overs into another meal.

Freeze Meals

If your making a simple meal like Spaghetti or Cottage pie why not make 2 and simply freeze the second one, they keep for 3 months and on a night when your all running late or have the kids soccer or ballet on and you normally would stop off at McDonalds you can save money and drive home, pop the frozen healthy meal into the oven and by the time the kids are sorted from the day your delicious hot meal is ready!

Left Over Meals

These are fantastic for quick meals, Plan your Sunday night meal to have left overs which you can either re-heat or turn into something else for a quick meal on a Monday night. Make rissoles out of left over roast meat, or make a delicious Frittata with left over vegetables….The possibilities are endless with left overs

Back to basics

We all grew up with similar “old fashioned” meals as kids and we turned out great so why not go back to basics and create some good old classics that are packed full of nutrition and are cost effective. We seem to think we have to be creative geniuses in the kitchen but why not make your family a hearty casserole, soup or roast meal, go for the classic meat and salad or pasta dish. Our parents brought us up on this food which they learnt from their parents who most likely were in the war and who knows more about making food go the distance than those from world war 2. Lets get back to basic people

A great site I use a lot for fast, cost effective recipes is:



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